Trio con Brio Copenhagen

July 10 2009   Berlingske, DK

Trio con Brio Copenhagen

Berlingske, Søren Schauser, Copenhagen

…The Trio con Brio Copenhagen emerged a few years ago already the perfect players. But the three stars kept on working, bringing the three corners ever closer together, polishing their valuable crystal into something even greater: pure art.

Their reading of Mendelssohn’s piano trios is certainly fantastic. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it was released by the best-kept secret Copenhagen record company of them all, because the soul of the romantic period warms more than just the cockles of our hearts.

Moreover, Jens Elvekjær from Denmark on the piano, his Korean wife on the cello and her sister on the violin are superbly capable. They play differently from their colleagues from recording history: slightly less breezily than the former Beaux Arts Trio. Slightly more together than Istomin, Rose and Stern. Do listen to their new CD or catch one of the many concerts they’re giving these days. Such as tomorrow’s concert at the Tivoli Concert Hall …You’ll relish Soo-Jin’s slender violin playing, nod approvingly at Soo-Kyung’s cello as it generates ever increasing profundity, and admire Jens’s all-embracing piano …Open your eyes and take in this unforgettable dissonance of black, green and turquoise.

Open your ears and take in this perfect unity.

April 29 2009   Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Concert in Frankfurt Alte Oper

Guido Holze

This ideally harmonizing Danish-Korean alliance unfurled a maximum of color interplay, finest nuance, delicate pastel shades, but also expressively forceful colors, in the finale practically kaleidoscope-like, bubbling up effervescently. In addition, the whole was convincingly presented as a single, connected narrative. There was the gently rocking, ever circuitous motion of the second movement, which with its title “Pantoum” seems more to allude to a mysterious and exotic element rather than a specific reference to a Malayan form of poetry; the bleak, reductive Passacaille, which in introverted mood offers an unusual switching back and forth between feelings of solitude and togetherness.

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