Trio con Brio Copenhagen

2019 Anniversary Year starts

Happy New Year!

Our 20th Anniversary Year 2019 starts off with intense recording sessions and tours to Germany, Denmark and USA. See you all soon!

Jan. 7-11: Recording of Beethoven vol. 3 for Orchid Classics and filming of Beethoven Zoom for DR P2 at DR Koncerthuset
Jan. 13: Pierre Boulez Saal Berlin
Jan. 15: Natmanden, Copenhagen
Jan. 19: Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Jan. 20: Fredericia Musikforening
Jan. 23: Konzertverein Ingolstadt
Jan. 24: Kulturgemeinde Weinheim
Jan. 25: Dachauer Schlosskonzerte
Feb. 3: Mogens Dahl Koncertsal, Copenhagen
Feb. 10: Rapid City, SD
Feb. 12: Vilar Performing Arts Center, Beaver Creek, CO
Feb. 15: Grand Concerts, Tabernash/Winter Park, CO
Feb. 17: Kohl Mansion, San Francisco, CA
Feb. 18: Dallas Chamber Music Society, TX
Feb. 19: Chamber Music Houston, TX
Feb. 22: Augusta University Maxwell Theatre, GA
Feb. 28: Ensemble in Residence with Odense Symphony Orchestra in Odense Koncerthuset

Nomination CD of the Year, Danish Radio



Gramophone article: Jens Elvekjaer

Jens Elvekjaer, pianist of the Trio con Brio Copenhagen, offers six tips to aspiring competitors

Competitions are an art in themselves. When I started out, both as a soloist and then with the Trio con Brio Copenhagen I, like so many young musicians, was a serial contestant – luckily we had a lot of success and after a while we started winning more and more, eventually winning all of the major competitions for piano trio. And these days I’m often back in the scene, only now as a judge. So I feel that I know as much – or as little! – as anybody about how to approach them.

Interview: Jens Elvekjaer

Interview by James Inverne.

JI: You have referred to the coming-together of the Trio Con Brio Copenhagen as the bringing together of “two pairs”. Meaning, of course, the sisters, Soo-Kyung Hong (cello) and Soo-Jin Hong (violin); and then the husband and wife pair of yourself with Soo-Kyung. How did that evolve?
JE: Of course, the sisters had played together since childhood, then of course a husband-and-wife relationship is special in its own way, and so we all had these dynamics of unique understandings.

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Trio Con Brio’s recordings of the complete Beethoven Piano Trios are released by Orchid Classics.
Buy volume 1 here.

Trio con Brio Copenhagen release Beethoven Vol. 2

Trio con Brio Copenhagen release Beethoven Vol. 2Watch on YouTube